Words of Inspiration

Words of Inspiration

It's ok not to be ok

During stressful and hurtful situations, so often we are taught to hide ourselves. You have probably heard someone say: "Just keep smiling through the pain." "Don't let them see you sweat." or "Put on your big girl panties." And while some of these things might have been said with good intentions, they teach us that we have to somehow figure out a way to hide how we really feel at the time. Why? Because society has taught us that it is a sign of weakness if we cry. It is a sign of weakness if we show any indication of anxiety, uncertainty,...

Prayer still works!

Thankful that we always have a direct line of communication with God. Prayer started over 2000 years ag as we know from the readings of Scriptures. It is amazing to have such a divine encounter with thr Creator of the heavens and earth. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer. God still hears you and is constantly at work. Don’t give up on prayer and most importantly, dont’t give up on God. Continue to pray. Amen

My Prayer for New Zealand

Dear God,

I pray to you now to hold New Zealand in the palm of your mighty hands. Comfort the families of those who lost loved ones. Heal broken hearts. And be with all of those affected by this horrible act of evil. I pray that one day everyone will choose love over evil, peace over chaos, and unity over division. Amen 

You are awesome!

I just want you to know that you are awesome! If you have being feeling doubtful, self conscious, insecure, uncertain, or questioning your abilities, I want to remind you today that you are awesome. You are awesome because you were made in the image of God. You are awesome because you have been given wonderful skills and talents that will greatly bless others. You are awesome because you have such a giving heart. And you are awesome because you so often give much of yourself to help others. Thank you for being so awesome! Amen.

Grieving sucks

The last 3 weeks have been extremely hard for me and my family. We have had 3 painful deaths in 3 weeks-one from a brain tumor, one was killed, and one committed suicide. I mean seriously what in the world is going on??!!! All of this has been very surreal and emotionally challenging. One minute I have been exhausted, another angry, another sad and another disappointed. The whole grieving process just really sucks.

Yet despite these tragedies, we are pressing forward and finding comfort in who God is. God is still awesome. God is still indeed good. And God is...